Works committees and groups

For over ten years, RESIDHOTEL has done everything in its power to meet the needs of works committees.

Whether you’re traveling to the beach, the mountains, the country, or the city, did you know that you can save on your RESIDHOTEL vacation by making reservations through your works committee?
No matter how big your works committee is, you have the freedom to choose the formula best suited to you, and we have the solutions to make planning your vacation easier!

Choose the method best suited to your vacation policy:

1/ Linear
If you want to make everything simpler and better manage your vacation budget, opt for the “Linear” plan, where the wrks committee rents from 6 to 19 weeks in advance, for discounts of up to 30%.

2/Individual reservations
We make our vacation offerings available to you. The works committee gets a discount of 10% to 20% on all products and dates. Employees choose the vacation that best suits their budget. And if the works committee doesn’t want to deal with making rentals, employees can contact us directly and stil get the same discounts.

3/ Reserving blocks of apartments
Are you publishing a catalog or other information document orsubsidizing vacations, or do you want to expand your vacation offers over several establishments?
RESIDHOTEL makes options available to works committees with discounts of 10 to 20% on the places chosen at a determined date and till refund any unused weeks at no cost.

4/Short trips and weekends
RESIDHOTEL offers discovery weekends at out city hotels and some of our beach locations. There are also weekend skiing options in the mountains.

5/ Group Services
If you would like to plan a group vacation (associations, clubs, works committees, groups of individuals) at one of our apartment hotels, contact us directly at:

Tel: +33 4 92 28 21 58
Fax: +33 4 92 28 21 69

Our advantages:

  • Simple, individualized service
  • An attentive team of salespeople that responds to your needs in terms of budget and destinations
  • Travelers checks accepted

Tel: +33 4
Institutional e-mail:
Group service e-mail: