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General terms and conditions of sale

The following Specific Conditions determine the provision by RESIDHOTEL of a rental accommodation service by means of an online reservation on the www.residhotel.com website.


The online reservation of an accommodation on the RESIDHOTEL website implies the Customer’s unreserved acceptance of these Specific Terms and Conditions of Sale, of which he has been able to read beforehand. The reciprocal commitments of RESIDHOTEL and the Customer result solely from the following documents, which together constitute the contract: The General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Trips and Stays resulting from decree n°94-490 of 15 June 1994, taken in application of law n°92-645 of 13 July 1992 appearing hereafter:

The hereby Specific Terms and Conditions of Sale on the www.residhotel.com website,

The Client’s reservation.


To book an accommodation on the RESIDHOTEL site, the Customer, hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”, must be at least 18 years of age and legally capable of contracting and using the site in accordance with these specific conditions.

The Customer also guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of the information he or she provides.


3.1 Acknowledgement of receipt of the reservation:

The reservation of an Apartment at RESIDHOTEL is only valid after written confirmation of the reservation by RESIDHOTEL. The Customer’s reservation is acknowledged by an e-mail sent by RESIDHOTEL to the Customer summarising and confirming the reservation.

In the case of an online reservation on the website www.residhotel.com, the acknowledgement of receipt of the reservation by e-mail summarises the contract offer, the reserved services, the prices, the sales conditions relating to the selected rate, accepted by the customer, the information relating to customer service and commercial guarantees, as well as the address of the seller’s establishment to which the customer can submit his or her complaints.

3.2 Multiple bookings:

In the event of multiple bookings, a specific group contract must be concluded, which will take precedence, in the event of contradiction, over the provisions of the GTC as a whole. Will be considered as multiple, a reservation for 7 Apartments and more, OR for accommodation for 15 people and more, in the same Aparthotel and made by the same legal entity or natural person.

3.3 Non-Cancellable Non-Refundable Non-Exchangeable and Non-Changeable Reservation:

Within the framework of this type of reservation and taking into account the preferential rate, no cancellation, exchange or modification of date or person, nor refunding can be made for this type of reservation. No refund will be made in case of no-show either. Whatever the reasons for the cancellation or the date on which the reservation is cancelled, an indemnity equal to the totality of the stay, including any additional services booked and invoiced, will be retained. For this type of reservation, a total payment for the stay will be made upon confirmation of the reservation. The reservation will only be considered firm after the effective and total payment of the stay. The credit card used to make the reservation as well as proof of idendity must be presented on arrival before the keys are handed over.

3.4 Exclusion of the right of withdrawal:

In accordance with Article L.121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, the Customer is informed that he/she does not have a right of withdrawal.


The Customer, prior to ordering the services, declares that the booking of these services is made for his/her personal needs. As a consumer, the Customer has specific rights, which would be questionned in the event that the reserved services are reserved for purposes that fall within the scope of his/her commercial, industrial, craft, or liberal activity. It is forbidden to carry out a commercial or professional activity in the Apartments.

The Customer is solely responsible for his choice of services and their adequacy to his/her needs, so that RESIDHOTEL’s liability cannot be sought in this respect.

All reservations are nominative and can in no case be transferred to a third party, whether free of charge or in return for payment.



The price of the rental of the accommodation is indicated in euros and includes all taxes. No booking fee is due when booking online.

The rental price does not include :

  • the services associated with the stay;
  • the tourist tax;
  • the deposit.

The costs of the associated services, the tourist tax and the deposit are specified separately in euros and all taxes included.

A deposit may be required depending on the establishments and the length of stay.

The amount of the tourist tax is given per day and per person, as an indication, and is subject to change. This tax is collected for the benefit of the municipalities and varies according to the respective city and must be paid, at the Aparthotel, during the stay.

4.2 Cleaning:

The prices for stays of 8 nights or more include a weekly cleaning* and the end of the stay cleaning.

Prices for stays of less than 8 nights do not include the cleaning service. This service may be requested directly from the reception of the Aparthotel and will, if necessary, be invoiced in addition.

*A weekly cleaning service includes the cleaning of the Apartment (excluding the kitchen and dishes).


Unless included in the price or specifically selected at the time of booking, additional services (breakfast, parking, etc.) are optional and will be invoiced in addition if necessary.


The rates cannot be combined with any other promotional offer in force. RESIDHOTEL reserves the right to modify them in the event of legislative and/or regulatory changes that may lead to a variation in their prices (for example, and without this being exhaustive, modification of the VAT rate in force, introduction of a new tax).

Any modification or introduction of new legal or regulatory taxes imposed by the competent authorities will automatically be reflected in the prices indicated on the date of invoicing.

The price examples indicated “STARTING FROM” in the communication materials and on the website refer to a few selected nights and are only valid for the dates and cities of departure indicated.


5.1 Capacity of the apartments:

The occupation of the apartments is strictly limited to the number of people indicated. Children are considered as full occupants. Any excess can either be refused or be subject to an extra charge at the place of stay.

5.2 Special Requests:

The Customer may make his/her specific wishes known (adjoining rooms or apartments, ground floor or storey, orientation) by directly contacting the residence concerned by his/her reservation. RESIDHOTEL in no way guarantees that these special requests can be met. Its responsibility cannot be engaged as a result. Furthermore, the non satisfaction of these requests can in no case be a reason for cancellation or a pretext for any request for reimbursement or compensation.

5.3 Check-in and check-out:

The address, telephone numbers and the opening days and hours of the residence’s reception office are communicated to the Customer on the website and on the booking confirmation. It is imperative to respect these times. In the event of no-show at the residence, the stay cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

5.4 Interruption of stay:

A premature departure of the Customer from the accommodation will not give right to any refund on behalf of RESIDHOTEL.



For any stay between 1 and 9 nights, all bookings must be guaranteed with a valid credit card number at the start date of your stay and accompanied by a bank pre-authorisation of 1€.

6.2 :

The guarantee may be used by RESIDHOTEL in the event of non-payment of the amounts due by the occupant to RESIDHOTEL for the accommodation service and/or additional services consumed on site (telephone, parking, etc.), for any damage caused in the Apartments or common areas, or in the event of theft in the Apartment hotel. The Customer’s credit card used for the payment and guarantee of the stay may be debited after departure, up to the amount of a repair quote following the discovery of damage to the apartment occupied by the customer.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will result in the reservation not being guaranteed.

6.3 :

The credit card used at the time of booking and valid proof of identity must be presented at check-in. Failure to do so may result in RESIDHOTEL refusing access to the apartment.

Under no circumstances may the client make the rented premises his main residence, whether for professional reasons or for family or medical reasons. The Customer undertakes to have, throughout the rental period, an effective primary residence.

6.4 :

A deposit may be required on arrival.


The Client, who decides to cancel his reservation, must contact us beforehand:

  • by email: reservation@residhotel.com
  • by phone: +33 (0)4 92 28 21 61 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm)
  • by telephone or email: to the contact details of the residence concerned by the booking (information is available on our materials and on the booking confirmation.)


8.1 Liability when the Client provides his/her contact information:

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the contact information provided by the Customer when making an online reservation is correct and that it will enable the Customer to receive communications from RESIDHOTEL.

RESIDHOTEL cannot be held liable if the Customer does not receive the confirmation of his/her reservation or the corresponding invoice, due to an error made by the Customer in entering his/her details.

8.2 Liability for risks inherent in the occupation of the apartment:

The rental of holiday accommodation does not fall within the scope of the liability of hoteliers provided for in Articles 1952 and following of the Civil Code. Consequently, RESIDHOTEL may not be held liable for the loss, theft or damage of the Customer’s personal belongings, in the booked accommodations but also in the car parks, garages, common areas, the present list not being exhaustive.

The Customer is obliged to insure him/herself against the risks inherent to the occupation of the booked accommodation, i.e. loss, theft or damage to his/her personal belongings, as well as any damage to the rented furniture and any damage to the residence caused by his/her negligence.

The Customer is invited to check whether his/her home insurance contract includes a “holiday” extension and to check the amount and scope of the guarantees.

The actions that RESIDHOTEL may bring against the Customer do not fall within the scope of the statute of limitations applicable to actions by hoteliers provided for in Article 2271 of the Civil Code.


9.1 Complaints during the stay:

Any complaint during the stay must be reported to the residence in question.

9.2 Complaints after the stay:

Any complaint after the stay must be addressed to RESIDHOTEL at the following address: service.client@residhotel.com.

In the complaint e-mail, the Customer must specify the name of the person who booked the stay, the booking number, the places and dates of the stay and attach, if necessary, all supporting documents, in order to facilitate the processing of the complaint.

If an amicable resolution of the dispute with the Customer Relations Department is not established, a mediation procedure can be initiated by referring the matter to the CMAP (Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris) whose contact details are as follows: Service Médiation de la consommation, 39 avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 75008 Paris. – www.mediateur-conso.cmap.frconsommation@cmap.fr


In accordance with Article L.134-2 of the French Consumer Code, RESIDHOTEL archives contracts concluded by electronic means for amounts in excess of 120 euros for a period of ten years from the date of their conclusion.

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